Cutting Your Lighting Expenses Is Simple

Cutting Your Lighting Expenses Is Simple

We do LED retrofits in the Winthrop Harbor & Waukegan, IL area

Are you looking for a company that handles LED retrofits in the Winthrop Harbor or Waukegan, IL area? You can count on Smith Electrical Contracting to retrofit your current lighting system with energy-saving LEDs. We'll even work with your local utility company to help you get rebates on your LED lighting installation.

Ask for an estimate on interior or parking lot lighting upgrades. Set up your LED retrofitting appointment by dialing 224-735-0112 now.

3 reasons to retrofit, rather than replace, your lighting system

You know updating to LEDs will save you money. But did you know that Smith Electrical Contracting can retrofit your current light system instead of replacing it? LED retrofits let you...

  1. Keep the same lighting fixtures: You don't have to change your building's aesthetic just to upgrade your lighting.
  2. Save money on lighting installation: Tearing out the old and installing something brand-new costs much more than retrofitting.
  3. Complete the upgrade faster: Don't turn your building or parking lot into a construction zone.

Save your time and money on a brand-new lighting installation. Call our Winthrop Harbor or Waukegan, Illinois location today to learn more about the benefits of LED retrofits.